“Our challenges empower young people. It does not matter what the educational background of a student is. Everyone brings a unique set of skills and talents. The different types of skills of students complement each other. And students must experience that: in their professional career they will have to use their own talents together with the talents of colleagues”

“…Participation in the Co-Challenge program has had a great impact on the students themselves…develop their critical, creative and entrepreneurial thinking, but they also broaden their horizons by working in multidisciplinary teams and expand their professional networks by participating in the events linked with the course…the students are able to exercise their citizenship by actively engaging in the social life of the city by thinking outside the box and proposing innovative conceptual solutions to real-life problems”

“A concrete project will be worked out in the coming years, the Utrecht Challenge Alliance. The city of Utrecht, various knowledge institutions such as Utrecht University, Hogeschool Utrecht and ROC Midden Nederland, and the Economic Board Utrecht work together in this…An example of such a challenge is the Co-create project…”