Co-challenge 2017

Interested in previous challenges? Discover the case of 2017 and the solution that was given? Take a look here for more information.


The Challenge

During two weeks in October 2017, students from Utrecht University were challenged to design concepts and interventions in order to positively nudge the people of Utrecht to cycle and walk more than they would normally do, promoting healthy urban living. The goal was to transform Utrecht into a more accessible, sustainable, and safe public space, through the choices of its citizens.

The winning team of 2017

This year’s winning project was introduced by the Pentapus team (picture on the left), with their project “Skyover”. Based on the suggestion of the team, a bicycle bridge connecting Utrecht Zuilen and Overvecht to Lage Weide would solve the aforementioned issues. This construction would enable inhabitants of Overvecht to easily cross the channel by bike and make the connection between two important and busy areas of the city easier. 



The Co-challenge teams of 2017