Co-challenge 2018

Interested in previous challenges? Discover the case of 2018 and the solution that was given? Take a look here for more information.

The Challenge

Based on the most recent health assessment, it has been concluded that 40% of adult citizens feel lonely and that 1 in 10 experience extreme loneliness. The Municipality of Utrecht asks your help in order to reduce the feeling of loneliness, by making Utrechters feel more connected to each other and the society.

The winning team of 2018

This year’s winning project was introduced by the +Pack team (picture on the left). This team of four interdisciplinary students came up with the concept of “Wijze Woorden“ (Wise Words), aiming to connect elderly and primary school students. These two groups are called to create a “spreekbeurt” (school presentation) or artwork, that will promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences among them, decreasing at the same time the feeling of loneliness that some elderly are facing.

The Co-Challenge teams of 2018