Jeroen Heemsbergen

Jeroen is a master student of Environmental Biology at Utrecht University and a bachelor biology graduate. During his master, he mainly focused on ecosystem services and climate-smart landscapes. A city (or public landscape) can be approached as a dynamic balance between nature and humans, in which humans can benefit from and live with nature in the most sutainable way possible. He is challneged by finding where this balance is, and how we can benefit as society in the most systainable way. He believes that in order to solve this challenge we need interdisciplinairy teams that can create new ideas and implement new concepts. Bringing people together to create new concepts and ideas is what he likes to do as the chairman of Advident (, a non-profit organisation which enables students to work as a team on real-life natural science cases from any organisation in our society, just as you are going to do during this course. He has coached multiple project groups on advise and policy projects during different bachelor courses. In his free time he coordinates research projects in which he works with large numbers of volunteers for the municipality of Utrecht regarding bats and their habitat.