Michele Gerbrands

Program Coordinator

Senior Trainer and Consultant, UMC Utrecht


Michele was always intrigued by how people learn and how you can help them in this process. She finished her bachelor in Computer science in 2000 (specialization Human Computer Interaction), when she discovered new posibilities to enhance learning using technology. As a young professional she worked as a lecturer (Professional education) and advisor to support colleague lecturers in creating online learning materials. She mastered the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) (teaching degree) and lectured students in educational technology. She managed to build a bridge between entrepreneurs, students, game designers and software engineers to develop innovative software such as games, e-simulations and e-modules, and coach students in the development of this educational software. She has learned to become a project manager by trial and error and skilled herself by accepting different projects such as developing e-modules and executing innovative pilots at the UMCU.

Currently in her position as an advisor Innovation at Biomedical Sciences  she combines her creativity and concepting skills to create new concepts and test their value through prototyping. So far she has created several technology enhanced concepts and valued the needs of the students in this process. Therefore she organized challenges to offer students an exciting multi-disciplinary and talented way to co-create new concepts.

“After two trials we are now ready to go a step further and offer the co-challenge to a broader group of students. I am excited to join! As a coach I can guide you and your team in project management, creative thinking and/or the use of technology enhanced learning”.