Nicole Mastenbroek


Assistant professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University


Dr. Nicole Mastenbroek is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University. Nicole studied both Veterinary Medicine and Work & Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University. The topic of her research is on the mental well-being of professionals in transition from education to work, particularly on the role of personal characteristics, cognition and (unrealistic) future expectations on mental well-being. Nicole is the coordinator of a course on personal and professional development in which students are trained in non-technical skills such as communication, collaboration, life long learning skills. 

For decades, research reveals that students and young professionals are at risk for psychological distress and burnout. However, the question of what motivates people in general or students more specific is just as important. You may find the answer when you sit down to reflect on the moments of pleasure and pride you experience in your study, your work or in non-working circumstances. What is it that drives you and that gives you joy and pleasure or in other words that energizes you. This session will be on what research tells us about person- and work or study related predictors of positive and negative mental well-being. 


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