The program

Week #1

We start this course with a plenary workshop where you will get acquainted with your peers and form teams. With your team, you analyze the problem and prepare an interview with the client. Halfway through the week, you and your peers will pitch the concept at a networking event and receive feedback. We will wrap up the first week with you, your team members and other teams peer reviewing each other.

Week #2

During the second week, you will work on further completing your concept. You will present the final concept to the client and a jury, and hand in a written report. During this week you will also create an elevator pitch. Being able to pitch your own unique set of skills can assist you in your future employability. Therefore, a coach will guide you through the process of making this pitch, and you will hand in a video of the pitch.

During the entire course, you will be offered short inspirational sessions (15 to 20 minutes) and workshops (max 60 minutes) to discover which team- and individual based (soft)skills techniques and tools are needed to deliver a strong concept. You are given a great deal of flexibility. Several on-demand coaches are available if you need help. On-demand coaching means that you and your team members invite a coach when you need help.